"Pilates is more than an exercise routine, or a means to an end in the gym; it is a lifestyle change. A change that encourages us to use our bodies, to protect them and care for them so they can function above and beyond what we thought them capable of doing. Lindsay is such an amazing instructor because she truly believes in how Pilates can change your body and your life for the better. She is thorough, sincere, and very encouraging, and allows you to feel at ease with something that can be a bit overwhelming at first. She knows what she is doing and is passionate about it as well, there couldn't be a better combination!"
Meghan (Nashville, TN)

"I fell into Pilates because of Lindsay. Because we both come from a dance background, she introduced me to a world of fitness that has a lot in common with dance, but is not targeted to any certain person or skill level. Pilates is for EVERYONE. It is all about strengthening, enchaning flexibility, and rehabilitation. You get so much more out of an hour long Pilates class than you would doing reps at a gym. Working one on one with a trainer or with a group makes for a fun, in depth work out with someone who really understands your body and its needs. All it takes is one class to get you hooked for good! I have never felt as strong and connected to my body as I do now that Pilates is a part of my everyday life."
Alex (Lafayette, LA)

"Having been introduced to Pilates several years ago I'd decided it wasn't for me. Most pilates classes rush through exercises leaving you learning improper form and technique. Lindsay broke down the fundamentals slowly and patiently and helped me work through old knee injuries. I have a new love for Pilates! Lindsay has a great way of pushing you to new levels and I can't wait to take more classes."
Samantha (Nashville, TN)