Lindsay Ogle is a native of south Louisiana. She has been singing and dancing since the age of three. Upon receiving a BFA in Dance in 2004 from the University of Louisiana, Lindsay taught for three years at Morgan St. Dance Company.
During this time, she made yearly visits to South Africa where she taught dance classes in the townships of Cape Town. In 2006, Lindsay moved to New York to further her dance training. She also worked as choreographer for Run, Jump, Fly Creative, a Los-Angeles based production company.

Three years later, she settled in Nashville where she perfected the role of a freelancer, singing, dancing, choreographing and teaching her way from gig to gig. She was bit by the Pilates bug and her passion for teaching the movement was further piqued through Pilates study, with its keen focus on anatomy and body awareness. She became a certified instructor through Balanced Body. She then founded Accord Pilates which is now housed in P3:Precision Physical Therapy & Pilates.

She loves her East Nashville neighborhood where she lives with her husband, David and her dog, Beatrice.